Emergency Relief Tent

UNHCR/ICRC/IFRC Standard-24m2


Brief Description
Emergency Relief Tents We have quality of tents and providing them all over the world. We prefer quality instead of quantity. Family TentsEmergency Relief Rapid Response Shelter Emergency Relief.

Key Feature

  • Lightweight & Movable
  • Easy-set up (10 minutes, 2 persons)
  • Fire retardant, UV resistant and waterproof
  • Different color options
windows with mosquito mesh and easy-to-use flap covers.
Doors with loop lace closing system
All required resistant tools and accessories including a hammer, steel pegs and assembly instructions.ts.
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Dimension Wall Height Central Height Door
Outer 4×6.60m 125 cm 240 cm 140 cm x 100cm
Inner 3.80×3.95m 115 cm 210 cm 170cm x 100cm


Poly-cotton 350 g/m2 +/- 15% finished state, 30hPa water penetration, fire resistance.
Poly-cotton 200 g/m2 +/- 10% finished state, 20hPa water penetration, fire resistance.
Poly-cotton 130 g/m2 +/- 10% finished state, fire resistance.
Ground Sheet:
Laminated Polyethylene (PE) 180 g/m2 +/- 5% finished state, 20hPa water penetration.

Tents are packed in rolled bales with all accessories. Bigger size tents are divided into multiple bales.

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School Tent

The UNICEF School Tent is made with strong iron tubes which can be installed easily. This tent used for small various purposes like dispensary, hospital, filed office, accommodation & storage in the field depending on its size but especially for School Class rooms in the camps.

Family Tent

Family Relief Tent (FRT) accommodates small to medium size families of 4 to 8 persons. Different models are suitable for different areas. These tents are quick production, light weight and easy to transport.

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