Store & Warehouse Tent

UNHCR/ICRC/IFRC Standard-24m2


Brief Description
Store and Ware House tents accommodate small to medium or large sizes it can design custom size. Different models are suitable for different areas. These tents are quick production, light weight and easy to transport.

Size & Specification
Size Side Height Peak Height
6m x 8m 3.35 4.75m
6m x 12m 3.35 4.75m
8m x 12m 3.35 5.30m
8m x 16m 3.35 5.30m
10m x 20m 3.35 5.85m

Fabric Treatment: Flame Retardant & UV Treated
Frame: Iron Frame with Joints Poles Galvanized or Powder Coated

Packing & Shipping

Tents are packed in container on Pallets Bales and Cartons.

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