Family Tent 


All Weather Family Tents are used for the Short term shelter requirement in case of any emergency situation. Usually these tents are used in between the incident and reconstruction period or till the permanent accommodation. This tent comes in different models depending on the climate. UNHCR Item No: 05353 Fire Retardant UNHCR Item No: 07283 for Cold Weather with fire retardant UNHCR Item No: 07242 for Hot Climate IFRC Item No: HSHETENTF16V

Key Features:

  • New generation family tent.
  • Adaptable to all climates
  • Easy-set up (15 minutes, 3 persons)
  • Fire retardant, UV resistant and waterproof
Dimension Wall Height Central Height Door
Outer 4×6.60m 125 cm 240 cm 140 cm x 100cm
Inner 3.80×3.95m 115 cm 210 cm 170cm x 100cm

   Floor Area : 24m2 (6.60x4m)
  Inner Tent Area : 16m2 (4x4m)
  Vestibules Area : 7m2 (3.5×2)

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